Arthur Leigh Allen: The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac killer was a serial murderer in the San Francisco area during the nineteen-sixties. He was known for the letters he sent to the San Francisco police. The letters included various enciphered messages, which lead to police being wildly confused as they spent days upon days trying to decipher the Zodiacs cyphers. Some of his earlier cyphers were easily solved, others remain unsolved to this day. While the Zodiac Killer was never caught, many suspects came to light during the time of the investigation. One of these suspects was a mid-aged man named Arthur Leigh Allen. Allen was a troubled man, as well as one of the major suspects in the case. The accusations made against him were eventually dismissed for reasons that don 't add up when…show more content…
One of the first main reasons Arthur Leigh Allen was the Zodiac Killer is because of circumstantial evidence that was dismissed. Allen had a lot of recorded evidence that coordinated with crimes committed by the Zodiac. He had connections with the US Navy after enlisting in 1957, which may be what relates him to the ten and a half size Wing Walkers military type boot found to have been the type of shoe in a footprint in the Lake Berryessa attacks on Bryan Calvin Hartnell and Cecelia Ann Shepard. Allen wore ten and a half shoes, which may be evidence of his involvement (Grinell). Allen also lived near the scenes of the crimes. According to Zodiac Ciphers, “His residence at 32 Fresno Street was located just 10 minutes walk from the payphone at the corner of the Springs Road and Tuolumne intersection, where the Zodiac made his first call to police. Nancy Slover, a police dispatcher took the call…show more content…
Along with physical evidence, Allen also said a lot of questionable things that raise questions about his stability and sanity. Allen spoke of a waitress moments before a waitresses murder. What 's more, there are potential relations between him and the Blue Rock Springs victim Darlene Ferrin. In 1966, Ferrin worked as a waitress in the International House of Pancakes on Tennessee Street in Vallejo, less than one-tenth of a mile from Allen 's home at 32 Fresno St. According to Don Cheney, Allen is said to have told Don Cheney that he was fond of a waitress from that restaurant. This shows he may have issues with his feelings and is not sane. As well as having that major connection, the Zodiac Killer made spelling mistakes that were also made in Allen’s writing. A misspelling of “Christmas” was revealed to be spelt the same way in both the Zodiacs writing and Allen 's writing. (Bauer). Once again stated in the Zodiac Ciphers, it says “He stated he had read 'The Most Dangerous Game ' at high school, had been in the region of Riverside, California, an area possibly connected to the Zodiac case, through the murder of Cheri Jo Bates outside the Riverside City College Library on October 30th 1966 and parted with a veiled insult, looking forward to a time ‘when people no longer referred to police officers as pigs’” (Grinell). This means that Allen has been having stability issues since he was a kid, taking the story “The Most Dangerous Game” into consideration as a real and

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