Arthur Miller Are You Now Or Were You Ever Analysis

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Arthur Miller in “Are You Now Or Were You Ever” in relations to “The Crucible” explains the problems that society has with the idea of Communism; Communism is the belief that all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. During this time there was the issue with Mccarthy and his anti-communism ideologies. Miller gives the argument on how this has affected not only himself but the people around him and society which had led to a sense of paranoia. To give the argument in which society has become paranoid and separate, he uses the Rhetorical strategies such as the usage of analogy, Rhetorical questions, and imagery. To begin with, In order to give the idea of how society has become paranoid and unaware of their problems Miller uses analogy. Miller explains how many people due to the issues during this time and the different beliefs that people have for example, communism, have turned on eachother and have become suspicious of everyone. People are beginning to have a war with each other in which they have controversies over their ideas. They begin to lose trust on others. Miller uses the analogy “since the enemy is an idea whose proponents are not in uniform but are disguised as ordinary citizens”. The analogy gives the statement of how the enemy is not a soldier from another nation, but the same people you call a neighbor or a friend. It gives a sense of distrust and delusions of betrayal from people that are normal
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