Arthur Radley Point Of View Analysis

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In To Kill A Mockingbird, Lee uses Scout and Arthur Radley to show that “ To understand someone’s perspective, you need to know their point of view”, this reveals that to know someone’s way of doing and thinking you need to view things in their point of view. The author uses characterization to show the perspective of the kids towards Arthur Radley “Boo Radley...dined on raw squirrels and any cats he could find..what teeth he had were yellow and rotten…(16). This is how ARthur was introduced in the beginning of the book. This shows that Scout and Jem have these thoughts of Arthur as a mean guy, but have no actually seen him in person. Jem and scout didn’t know Arthur at all but they felt that his way of seeing things was different from what it actually was. They thought he disliked people and was always…show more content…
He would constantly change his mood from one time to another. Scout tried to understand him but she didn’t understand why jem was acting that way. It was until Atticus told scout to view things in jem’s perspective, It was until that moment where she could understand what Jem thought, what he was thinking and she knew his new perspectives of things. There was a different point of view between them two, she was still young and barely understood what was happening around her, while Jem he was older and he Understood. This shows that to be able to know someone’s point of view you need to stand in their shoes and walk in them. Scout was able to understand Arthur as well as Jem by Being able to View things in their perspective and truly understand it. She thought Arthur was mean, grumpy and scary but until she stood in his porch she was able to understand his way of thinking and doing. Similar to Arthur’s, Scout had to be able to know Jem’s point of view to be able to understand what his perspective
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