Arthur Shawcross: A Serial Killer

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Arthur J. Shawcross, a notorious serial killer, claimed to have had a very troubled childhood. Without facts to support, he alleges that he was sexually abused by his mother until he decided to run away in the ninth grade. Later, when Shawcross served in Vietnam, he claimed, although he had never served in combat, that he had beheaded a woman. Upon discharge from the U.S. Army, he returned to Watertown, New York. Arthur Shawcross would go on to murder fourteen year old, Jack Blake and eight year old, Karen Hill in 1971 and 1972 as well as eleven women from 1988 to 1989. It is clear to the observer that Shawcross had a mental deficiency. First, he had possessed a clear recollection, and proud ownership of his killings. When asked…show more content…
Also like the Woodsman, Shawcross was a regular client, who seemed to be a normal person from the exterior, when actually, the opposite. Shawcross was extremely intelligent, he kept a normal routine, worked at the cheese factory, lived at home with his wife, socialized with his mistress and warned her that “there were bad guys out there.” Shawcross kept a routine, to make himself fit in and also used rational choice by going to places regularly like the local Dunkin Donuts to listen in on the discussion of police officers about the serial killer. He also dressed the part, dressing nice with shiny shoes to make him him fit in with under cover police officers that were assigned to Lylle Ave. Unlike the Woodsman, Arthur Shawcross, in his effort for ultimate control, returned to his victims. This was his undoing. When he killed June Cicero, “the meanest madam of the streets” and respected for that position, it demonstrated Shawcross’ insatiable need for control. He bragged how, he used only his left hand to find the pressure point in her neck and strangle her. Then decided to push her out of the car into the freezing river below. In his final act of control over Cicero, he went back to examine his handiwork. It is in this effort that Shawcross makes a fatal mistake. The police observe and later traced the car back to him. When the interviewer tries to wrestle some sort of control over

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