Article Analysis: The Singer Solution By Peter Singer

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In his article, The Singer Solution, Peter Singer argues that citizens of affluent nations are failing to do their moral duty, which is to donate far more to charity than they actually do. The article starts by referring to the Brazilian film Central Station where a miserable retired schoolteacher named Dora is faced with a choice. She could pocket an impressive $1000, but she must first convince a homeless 9 year old to follow her to a certain location where she is told he would be adopted. After spending the $1000 on a new TV, Dora learns that the boy would actually be killed and his organs sold. Dora decides to get the boy back, but what if Dora decided to look the other way after learning of the boy’s fate? Singer believes that people of…show more content…
The situation that Singer looks at involves a man named Bob. Bob is soon to retire and he has invested most of money into a valuable Bugatti, but he has been unable to insure that car. He get pleasure from driving and maintaining his car and he also plans on selling his car so he can have a comfortable retirement. One day Bob parks his car on the end of a railway and decides to walk along the track. As he is on the track he notices an empty runaway train further down on the track. He also notices that a child is on the track and is very likely to be killed by the oncoming train. Bob is unable to stop the train and the boy is too far away to warn, but he can use a switch that will change the train’s path away from the child but will instead trajectory the train towards his Bugatti. Bob does not turn the switch because he wants to keep his car and the financial benefits that come with it. The boy is killed and Bob lives happily with his Bugatti and the money he gets from it. Most will agree that Bob’s lack of action was horribly wrong. Singer ties this back to the opportunity that many have to save the lives of children by sending money to charities but choose not
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