Articles Of Confederation And Tyranny Essay

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Following the American Revolution, colonists faced the issue of creating a new form of government and order for their newly created country. Delegates from each state, excluding Rhode Island, met in Philidelphia in 1787 to draft the document that would come to be known as the Constitution. Representatives made it their purpose to create a government that would be fair for everyone; the North and South, the educated and uneducated, the rich and poor. After a closer examination of the Articles of Confederation, delegates disregarded the Articles, following the failure of their original form of government. The Articles of Confederation was thought of as a failure after Shay’s Rebellion; an act of dissent by Daniel Shay in which farmers lost their…show more content…
The power of the government was most equally distributed amongst the people, states and central government, decreasing the possibility of tyranny. A stable democracy with its inalienable rights also protected the citizens from losing their rights in the event of the formation fo a tyrannical government. However, the government increased the chances for a tyranny to occur through the elastic clause and Gerrymandering. While the Constitution did include stable democraces, inalienable rights and power divisions, all of which protect against tyranny, Gerrymandering and the Elastic Clause allow for tyranny to occur. The colonists created a system in which the government had limited power but enough to maintain the country while the states and the people received equally limited power as well. The Constitution still protects its citizes on several accounts, including through democracy and power distribution, nevertheless failing in premitting the President to wield all powers during a national emergency. As for the future, the Constitution will continue to be amended to protect the citizens to the best of its ability from tyrants and their dictatorial
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