Articles Of Confederation: Original United States Constitution

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Articles of Confederation Essay The Articles of Confederation was the original United States Constitution. The articles were written and agreed on by delegates of the states, but it still did not do it’s job and many people were frustrated with it. They chose this as their first system of government to keep the states together as a nation, but let the states have their own equal governments. After just ending a war against Britain, the United States knew they could not have a national government that was too strong, as the British had. This led to the Articles of Confederation which gave most of the powers traditionally held by the national government to the states. This spread out the power within the country, with 13 different governments. There were many reasons the colonists felt they should do this, but there was also many difficulties with this. Eventually though, the states decided it was for the best to band together and create a new constitution. This government was created just after the colonists had won a long war against the British for their independence. This played a big role in how the Americans chose to make their government. They were afraid that if they gave all the power to the national government, as the British did they might create another government that had …show more content…

With the Articles of Confederation, one strength was that the power was spread out over the country. This lets all states help decide what’s best for the nation, instead of the central government have all the power. A weakness to this is that it might lead to a lack of unity within the United States. Another positive to this type of government is the ability for each state to have different laws. This allows each state to do what’s best for themselves. A negative to this is that the states could not work together with other nations as a whole. This left the United States without any sort of

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