Articles Of Confederation Persuasive Essay

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The “search for a national government” in the United States came at a time when the country was at it’s lowest. We had finally declared our independence from Europe, but the country was lost. After our forefathers had written the Declaration of Independence, the country began creating governments, however the governments they began creating were on the state level. No one thought about creating the national government. When they did begin creating the national government, the people that formed the state’s governments thought to make the national government Republic. They assumed the Republican party would work best, as it consumed most of the state’s governments. Also, a big role in deciding the national government should be Republican…show more content…
The Articles of Confederation gave Congress a set of rules and definite their power for certain sectors of the…show more content…
The Articles of Confederation also outlined the role of Congress. Congress had no role in executive functions, and they had extreme constraints on gaining power over the thirteenth colonies, as well as, making amendments to the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation had it’s share or failures and successes when it was first adopted by the governments. In the next part of my essay, I will discuss said failures and successes. The failure in the Articles of Confederation begins with the failure to solidify the Peace Treaty from Great Britain and Spain in 1784. John Adams was sent by the government to Great Britain to come to terms with peace, however, when he returned it was unclear if John Adams represented the single nation or the thirteen colonies that developed in America. Due to the confusion, Great Britain capitalized on it, and refused to send the Peace Treaty that they John Adams tried to
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