Artifact Assignment In Early Childhood Education

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Artifact Assignment Arpandeep Kaur Sheridan College ARTIFACT ASSIGNMENT Hello, my name is Arpandeep Kaur. I am a student of Early Childhood Education which is a branch of education theory where hands-on hands experience are achieved and which relates to the teaching of young children up until the age of about eight. Being a student of early childhood education, in this assignment, I would like to discuss …show more content…

I will teach the children the importance of the time in the similar manner as my sister taught me like by using three hands technique. In my learning journey to become an ECE educator in the first half of the first semester I did not use my watch then I experienced some up and downs and at last when I made watch an integral part of my time then I proceed towards success, in the second semester when the placements were started then I use watch in order to write the learning stories, which leads to build an authentic relationship of my with time because I become attentive that how I spend 24 hours of the day. Whenever I paid to visit outside with the children I use my watch to look the time and when I placed a look again and again on my watch to see the time the children also start the imitation to learn about the timing. My mentor teacher at the placement also appreciates me because I mostly use watch to see the time instead of mobile phone no doubt in the modern era, technology has developed many gadgets which can replace the position of watch but it is impossible for me to separate watch named artifact because that is the love and remembrance of someone towards me. So I always pray to my God to let me make more successful through the usage of my precious artifact and let my parents feel proud of me one day. Every ECEs should learn from every opportunity and moment and should respect the time because it never stops and comes again. Learn well, do well and teach well. I know this artifact will help me a lot in my

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