Artifice In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Is manipulation key for personal advancement or simply a selfish act of destruction? Artifice is nothing new, used in times such as the Salem witch trials, and even dates back to even later. Though the strategy is not dead, but can also be seen more recently amongst individuals, including our President Donald Trump. Artifice can be used differently between people, while their motives may be the incentive of personal gains such as revenge or popularity, while the results of using artifice, may vary. However no matter how it is adopted, the reason behind it, and/or the outcomes artifice should not be used. Artifice has no regulations on how it can be practiced, throughout history we have seen it play a part in society in many different ways.…show more content…
Motives for almost every action vary from person to person and artifice is no different. In The Crucible the reason behind Abigails witchery and manipulative ways his because she wants to be with John Proctor. Her own selfish wants come before others lives, Abigail being a very egotistical antagonist, overshadows the other girls motives. While mary Warren seems to just want attention and to be treated better, the other girls motives vary as well. Though overall these young women have an array of reasons, from adulterous revenge to the basic overall concept of the book, being scapegoating. In The Way We Lie by Stephanie Ericsson telling such little white lies is done in order to save someone's feelings from being hurt. Though it could also be argued the person themselves have alternative motives, such as not wanting to be seen as a bad friend or person. While these actions are more or less admirable, it is still nevertheless lying. While Donald Trump's motive for using artifice, is simple, he wants the population to like him and believe he is a good president. His motive are more narcissistic than most, wanting only to be liked, makes him a manipulative liar. Trump also using artifice to draw attention from one area he lacks to another that makes him look worthy of his presidential status. While everyone's intentions are different whilst using artifice, the results tend to be completely different. Even if the developments are good, artifice is still used by self-indulgent people, and that is why it is a terrible
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