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Cancer, Bacteria, soccer do I need to say more? Over 95% of any kind of sports that is played on artificial grass is highly dangerous. When people play on artificial grass and they fall and the bacteria in the grass are very dangerous to your skin. Especially if you have an open cut!! You will need to wash your cut out ASAP!! But the U.S.A Women's World Cup Champions had to. The reason why this was such a big deal is because the national Men's soccer team got to play on regular grass, and some players on the Women’s team were ferrous of unfairness the choice is yours should soccer players play on artificial grass? Bacteria is very dangerous all around. If you don’t wash your hands after using the bathroom, your hands are full of bacteria. Spitting, blood, that is all on the soccer field. When you are playing on artificial grass and you fall with an open an open cut the bacteria still finds a way in even with a bandage. Let’s face it, germs and bacteria is all around us. Especially on the artificial grass it is highly dangerous. Because of all the people’s old blood from when they fall and all their germs. Now they are adding in old and recycled…show more content…
When I play on turf i’m super careful about not falling when I have an open cut. To me artificial grass is not good to play on because of all the injuries that's happened. That's why soccer players should not play on artificial grass. But the question is do you think that soccer should or shouldn’t be allowed to play on artificial grass? The choice is yours. “Around that time, parents in Colorado raised concerns to the EPA about the safety of rubber particles their children were bringing home on their clothing. And in 2008, synthetic turf fields at Manhattan's Thomas Jefferson Park were found to have high levels of lead, requiring the city to replace the crumb rubber.”Is Synthetic Turf Giving Athletes Cancer? |

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