Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

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What is AI?1
According to technopedia “Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines.” It has become a vital part of the technology industry.
Research connected with artificial intelligence is highly technical and specialized. The core tribulations of artificial intelligence include programming computers for certain traits such as:
• Problem solving
• Perception
• Learning
• Knowledge
• Reasoning
• Ability to manipulate and move objects
• Planning
It is the science and engineering of constructing new and smart machines which are intelligent enough, mainly intelligent computer programs.

What is Machine Learning?
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Machine learning is a technique of data analysis so as to automate analytical model building.

Industries affected byAI and Machine Learning 3-6
According to industry experts, it is the artificial intelligence (AI) on which the next industrial uprising will depend upon. As per the experts all the human operated jobs will be replaced by intelligent computer systems.The various industries affected by AI are:

Manufacturing Industry
The first industrial revolution was the automation of manufacture by means of water and steam power. The second revolution introduced mass creation with the aid of electric power, and then the third is what we are currently experiencing: the digital revolution and the application of electronics and IT to automate the production process.

The fourth and the future industrial revolution is the visualization of the 'smart factory '. The factories in which cyber-physical systems will be monitoring the physical processes will be installed. It will create a virtual copy of the considerable world and will be capable enough for the decentralization of the decisions. IoT (Internet of things) will be used for the communication among the cyber-physical systems and
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The GPS systems which we use to plan our trips depend on the AI. GPS facility has made the complex routing methods very much easy. AI helps to translate languages in real time and really increases our speed of operations by just guessing what we are next going to type or do next.

Every aspect of our daily life is dealing with AI and machine learning methods.The growth of the usefulness and ubiquity of AI methods has also stimulated opinion regarding the potential threats connected with advances of AI. It’s natural that new technologies may generate exhilarating novel capabilities and applications and also raises new anxieties.

The world filled with artificial intelligence and robots are here now. Actually, it is an everyday reality in many industries. No matter the point of view, the prospects and opportunities are clear: artificial intelligence is performing tasks all around us, and will carry on playing an emergent role in most people 's lives for the next few decades.

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