Future Of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Artificial intelligence has become a controversy among scientists within the past few years. Would artificial intelligence improve our communities in ways we humans cannot, or would they simply cause harm? What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, and to what extent is it ethically defensible to develop this technology? Researchers, leading roles in the technological field, and AI developers have divided opinions regarding the future of artificial intelligence. Those who oppose Strong AI are high profile individuals, although in other areas of the technology industry and not in AI development. Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors, questions Strong AI by arguing that too advanced artificial intelligence could pose a threat to the human race. Musk is not alone in his scepticism towards the future of AI. James Barrat, an author on the subject, expresses his concerns about the notion of Strong AI. He suggests the risks of a volitional and sentient machine could arise when a machine starts developing drives and urges similar to those we humans possess. Consequently, this would lead to the machines trying to avoid failure modes such as off switches to achieve their desires. This thesis amongst other factors is what Barrat is hesitant towards. Barrat continues by questioning the…show more content…
Furthermore, Barrat probably stirred some opposition against the advocates stating his hypotheses about Strong AI and the possible outcome, enmity towards humans. However, advocates argue that claims concerning a malevolent future in AI are preposterous owing to the fact that they are hypotheses and should not be taken as factual. They explain this by stating that the debate is fueled by misunderstandings and that we are still far from an autonomous machine. Also, it is important to remember what good will follow, such as medical
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