Artificial Intelligence Examples

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An American computer scientist and inventor, John McCarthy coined Artificial intelligence (AI); after playing a seminal role in defining the field dedicated to the development of intelligent machine in his 1955 proposal for the 1956 Dartmouth Conference. From Samsung’s Bixby to piloted driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly. AI is the reproduction of human intelligence processes by computer systems to react and works like a human. It can perform tasks efficiently compared to humans, which enables businesses to gain deep understanding out of their information.
Artificial Intelligence can be categorized in many ways, we look into two examples. The first example, categorize AI systems as weak AI and strong
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There are broadly two types of reasoning; inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. Whereby inductive reasoning, conducts a particular observations to make vast general statements and deductive reasoning begin with a general statement and examines the possibilities to reach a specific, sensible conclusion. Learning is an activity of obtaining knowledge or skill through studying, practicing, or experiencing something. Learning heightens the attention of the subjects of the study and is also categorized into eight different types such as:
1. Auditory learning, a process of learning through listening and hearing.
2. Episodic learning, a process of learning by remembering an array of events that one has come into contact with, which is linear and orderly.
3. Motor learning, a process of learning through the precise movement of the muscles. For example, writing.
4. Observational learning, a process learn by watching and emulating others.
5. Perceptual learning, a process learn to note stimuli that one has seen before. For example, analyzing and classify objects and
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Online retail stores uses AI in a particular way like providing recommendations and also the use of chat bots to assist customers to their needs online.
• Banking and finance, with the increase of financial data, many have resorted to artificial intelligence, which are much faster in evaluating market stats to predict changes in stock trends and manages finance in comparison to human counterparts. In addition to it, banks are also using AI to keep track of customer’s base and their needs. When a suspicious transaction occurs, they immediately get a mail to authenticate the specific transaction.
• Entertainment, AI plays an essential role in strategic games like, chess, poker, etc., where it thinks of various possible techniques on heuristic knowledge. In addition to it, for music and movies, AI recommends users to watch or listen to certain genre based on the selection user chose in the past.
• Smartphone, this is the most common application of AI which can be found in mobile phones as virtual personal assistant. Apple’s SIRI, Samsung’s Bixby and Google assistant. AI collects information to interpret what is asked and fetched the required data to suit the user’s
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