Artificial Intelligence In Fashion Industry Essay

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Artificial intelligence is widely applied in different fields, such as medicine, engineering and design. Fashion industry is one of the industries that artificial intelligence applications are used in production processes. There are four operation processes of the fashion industry: fashion design, manufacturing, retailing, and supply chain management.

The fashion industry, or called apparel industry, is the industry engaged in manufacturing garments and accessories and it is one of the most significant economic sectors in the world. Design, manufacturing and retailing are the three compulsory processes for a fashion item from designers and sold to customers. Many decision-making problems, for instance, clothing design, pattern cutting, production arrangement, trends and sales prediction, and supply chain management, needed to be tackled. Those problem may be intractable and can be solved by different artificial intelligence approaches such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic and expert system.

Among various artificial intelligence applications, this report is going to discuss an application of interactive genetic algorithm which is related to apparel design. The original way
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Fashion is about creativity. Fashion designers needs to be creative and artistic. Fashion design is not about copying or combining. It is about creating a new thing from zero. Robots can never create their new design as they do not have consciousness. They lack artistic sense and they are not able to create. They can only do jobs according to the program written by human. Also, there are some garment making techniques such as embroidery are not able to be done by robots. The values of these techniques are the hand-made process of the garments. The demand of workers with specific techniques will remain constant in the future. Therefore, human will remain their important post in the fashion industry in the

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