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Iron man 3 is a science fiction blockbuster movie based on Marvel comic. The movie features a smart, wealthy businessman cum scientist and an inventor who gets kidnapped by Afghan terrorists. The terrorists kidnap the billionaire for his scientific invention capabilities. During his time in capture he develops a super-weapon suit in which he uses to escape and to bring justice as the movie progresses. Key stars in the movie include; Robert Downey who is the main actor, Jr Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jeff Bridges among many others.
This movie basically is a showcase of technology already in use or being developed with additions of fantasy technology. The main notable technology that makes up the movie is the use of artificial intelligent suit/armor and 3D holographic technology. The armor is a fictional exoskeleton suit that is almost indestructible. The wearer of the suit is able to function as a combat weapon with flight capabilities. Iron suit was developed by the creator of the movie ironman with next generation technology. The suit is artificially modified to be an artificial intelligence weapon and it can operate independently without the wearer as depicted in the movie Iron Man 3. An interesting point to note is the suit consists of about two million discrete units that joint to make up the armor. The basis of its structural integrity lies on the
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Artificial intelligence is the ability of any technology to be independent of the user in terms of performing some tasks. This intelligence is mainly used with the suit and the robots to indicate the level of technology in use. The suit through artificial intelligence can detect, analyze and execute even without the control of Tony. The creators of Iron Man movie decided to use artificial intelligence to try and make the suit more acceptable by the audience especially the science nerds. This technology is one of a kind and its being developed in the real

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