Artificial Intelligence In Military

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In the past decades, people have been investigating artificial intelligence (AI) in military applications. The term artificial intelligence is commonly defined as a computer programme which executes tasks that require human intelligence (Oxford Dictionary, n.d., Artificial Intelligence). During the World War Two (WWII), Alan Turing invented a computational machine which deciphered Germany’s wartime code machine, Enigma (Marcus 2003). This can be seen as the earliest AI military applications in human history. Nowadays, researchers continue to study how smart a machine or software can become. In recent years, there are several developments of AI in various aspects of military. However, there is an endless debate about whether we should use AI…show more content…
The modern computers can process a large amount of data much faster than human. People cannot ensure that they do not make any mistakes when dealing with a large amount of statistics and operating complex vehicles. Human beings get tired after working for long hours unlike machines. Intelligent machines can do works more accurately and precisely than humans. Thus, intelligent machine can help reduce the workload of people in processing data and collecting information. Moreover, with the assistance of intelligent machines such as digital computers, people in the military can be more productive when they evaluate information and enormous data (Jack, 2014). Besides, the applications of AI in military make the national defense more efficient in terms of data processing, face and pattern recognition and decision aids. For example, military uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to help in military navigation, target tracking and missile and projectile guidance (Vandana, 2003). Such application of AI allows the military to locate a specific place more accurately and much faster than doing the work manually, thus making military actions more effective and efficient. Locating places accurately is important and significant since this prevents the killing of innocent civilians and environmental destruction . In addition, remote control vehicles allow military an easier way to carry out activities such as surveillance and reconnaissance. To be more precise, the UVA is an aircraft which pilots can operate the vehicle away from the conflict region. Moreover, the use of autopilot in military aircrafts has a prominent importance in improving efficiency of military actions. It helps pilots to operate aircrafts more accurately and easily when they are commanded to execute missions. The use of AI improves performance of military in carrying out missions and makes work for soldiers
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