Artificial Intelligence Outline

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Is artificial intelligence taking over our lives?

English 102
Due Date: 31. March 2017
Instructor: Mrs. Georgia Nenapoulou
Student: Tamara Stojkovic

Thesis: Artificial intelligence is taking over humans’ lives in the realms of medicine, industry and human cognitive skills.



What does the word artificial intelligence really mean? Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the formatting and studying of a computer system that shows a form of intelligence. To be more precise, it is a program to learn new things as well as to understand what needs to be done; it has skills that are similar to the ones of human intelligence. As Marvin Minsky stated, “artificial intelligence is the science of making a machine do things that are required from human’s intelligence.” (Bolter, 1984) Nowadays, artificial intelligence is developing quickly and it is becoming widespread due to the increased use of internet and smartphones. To be more explicit, one form of artificial intelligence are virtual assistants on phones that understand questions and provide answers in natural language. Additionally, a considerable number of a people have access to this kind of intelligence and it is becoming the part of their everyday life without even knowing it. Some believe that artificial intelligence is not taking over humans’ lives and humans are capable of
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