Artificial Sweetener Research Paper

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I can’t remember a person who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Everyone around me consumes sugar in some ways – some of them by eating cakes and some of them by drinking a sweet coffee. When I mentioned the word “sweet” I didn’t really mean the product sweetened by sugar only. We have sugars and artificial sweeteners nowadays. Both of them are used in various things but which one is better for daily use and which of them is safer for us?
Sugar is one of the most popular sweeteners among people. Some consume it from fruits, some from food and some use it to sweeten their coffee or tea. When my endocrinologist was talking about sugar, she used to call it a “white death” as it contains calories and can cause obesity. Because of the fact that sugar is enriched
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To conclude, there are several differences between sugar and all types of sweeteners. First, sugars have calories and they produce energy. Also, they can cause diabetes and obesity, while sweeteners don’t. Furthermore, sweeteners are sweeter than sugar, they are artificially made, they can reduce blood pressure, the risks of heart diseases and compare to sugar, sweeteners do not stimulate Dopamine.
Beside the differences between sugar and sweeteners, there are things which both of them have in common. For instance, both of them are used in drinks, cakes, food, etc. in order to make products more delicious. Both of them can be considered as natural products (of course sweeteners are artificial but the sweetener from the Stevia plant is an exception). Furthermore, both sugar and artificial sweeteners have advantages as well as disadvantages and both of them have a huge number of customers who prefer one of

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