Artificial Turf Research Paper

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Imagine you 're in the outfield in a baseball game and the batter hits a fly ball to the right of of you, then you 're running and running until you trip in a hole while it lands right next to you and the runner is running home. I play on an baseball team myself and since I play on a team I can relate to my argument, and that is why I think we should have artificial turf for our baseball fields. I think that we should have Artificial turf for our baseball fields because it could save water, increase playability, and lowers the maintenance cost.

The first reason I think that we should have Artificial turf for our baseball field is it can save water. For example, in the article “SOUTH BAY SCHOOLS UPGRADE FIELDS WITH ARTIFICIAL TURF TO
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Another reason baseball fields should convert to synthetic turf is the reduction of maintenance costs. The latest generation of synthetic turf is a grass-like ground cover that replicates lush natural grass in appearance and function. When used on athletic fields, it provides a consistent year-round, all-weather playing surface built to withstand extended use without downtime for recovery. As a landscape cover, synthetic turf provides a low maintenance, weed-free surface that doesn 't need to be watered or fertilized, and is available in styles that look like the grass types that are prevalent locally. With synthetic turf less time is spent prepping the field for games, practice, or even mowing the grass or regrowing the grass which can take time and money. The fields are ready to go each time without any maintenance. Chalk lines are incorporated into the turf and the turf also has a soft pad underneath to reduce injuries.
In conclusion, baseball fields could benefit from synthetic turf by saving water, increasing playability, and reducing maintenance costs. Although, most will state that turf is expensive upfront, but comparing costs in the long run one would see the benefits. Since we live in a state where droughts can be a problem it seems that synthetic turf would be a good alternative for areas of large grass like
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