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Title Artillery in WWI was devastating even outmatching the early tanks they had multiple types of artillery, which all had their perks. they were all killing machines in their own right and they were all rulers WWI. they were all hindered by the trenches pretty much needing direct hit to do anything to the enemy. yet they were still most effective killing machines in world war 1. light guns weren't as powerful as heavy or howitzer artillery they only shot 4 to 6 pound shells of ammunition. ,but they were cheaper and easier to mass produce on a short notice. they also needed some heavier firepower to take out heavily entrenched enemies. they used heavy artillery, which packed more of a punch than light artillery and fired 8 to 12 pound shells…show more content…
they called it the barrage it had its disadvantages and advantages. some of its disadvantages are it was meant to focus fire so it wasn't meant to take out whole trenches only parts at a time. it also wasn't the most effective at times especially if you depended on it too much as a general. it also had its advantages on the battlefield it would an enemy's movement if they didn't have their trench built yet and if they did build the trench they would have to surrender or die if they wanted to sit and not move from their positions. they also had the choice of the strength of barrages depending on the amount or strength of your enemy. the light barrage is 7-10 shells every ten minutes then medium which is 30 shells per minute ,and finally heavy which was 50-60 shells every minute for heavily entrenched enemies. there were also type of barrages depending on your situation at hand. the first the box barrage which is when you fire around the enemy and keep them from advancing or receiving reinforcements. the second which was also very common in the war was the pinpoint barrage if you wanted a specific bunker destroyed or sniper nest/post. the last type was the search barrage which was meant to fire upon enemy key buildings like their headquarters or ammunitions

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