Artique's Argumentative Essay

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A One sunny day in Texas, Artique who is the smallest hummingbird of the family, was eating at the Tulips with his friends and family. Tulips was the hotspot in Texas. Tulips had a major rule about how smaller hummingbirds sucked the nectar out of the small tulips, and the big hummingbirds sucked the nectar out of the bigger tulips. Artique did not think this rule was fair. So, he decided that he would go to the big tulips, that were two times his size, and eat out of one of them. While he enjoying his tulip he noticed that the nectar was almost out, but he just ate away, disregarding the nectar. As he began to finish up his meal, he noticed that base of the perianth was almost empty. So he began to suck the nectar through his long, thin bill…show more content…
Thirty minutes later, a human walked over to Artique and offered help. Of course Artique accepted the help and the man started to pull as hard as he could on Artique until finally Artique became unstuck. Artique went to say thank you to the man and his words came out as “Fask yiew.” Both Artique and the man realized that his words were not understandable. The man took a closer look at Artique, and noticed that his bill was tied in a knot. After doing research online, the man found a bird beak specialist named Dr. Flu’nt who could untie the knot. Artique wanted to go to the doctor but he knew that the doctor worked 1,365 miles away in Florida. The man mentioned how he saw Tilly and Nate bullying Artique and knew that if he let Artique live with the speech problem, the bullying would only get worse, so he offered to drive him to the doctor. The next day, they drove all the way to Florida to Dr. Flu’nt’s office. Dr. Flu’nt fixed his bill with no problem. Artique now had his well spoken voice back! He could express himself easily and clearly, just as before. The doctor warned Artique to never drink tulips until they are as dry as a desert, so his bill won’t get tied up into a knot. Every time you think of Artique and his situation, think of the word
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