Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer Analysis

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Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer — Your Path to Great Cooking
What You Need to Know

The Artisan KitchenAid Stand Mixer is a professional quality mixer. This very powerful appliance provides 325 watts of power which can deliver 10 different speeds. It presents its user the capability to pick from a slow mixing speed to a rapid quick blend to a high speed and very thorough beating. A sliding scale is available to enable you to locate the correct setting for every use. The bonus here is that you can specify the right velocity for whatever food and drinks you’re making. The Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer’s motor delivers the power to mix large batches easily.

Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer in Cobalt Blue
Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer in Cobalt Blue

This professional Artisan Kitchenaid stand mixer comes standard with a heavy-duty 5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl. The large steel
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It won’t jump around on the counter while in use because it stays put on its rubber feet. The frame is made entirely from metal and will last a long time while operating quietly. These KitchenAid appliances are the largest mixers available with the tilt-head feature. This makes it easy to reach into the 5 quart bowl and to access the beater attachments. It is also useful when the cook stops the motor, tilts the head back to scrape the contents for more thorough mixing or to add dry ingredients. This isn’t usually necessary because of the advanced design of the machine. You’ll find the Artisan Kitchenaid mixer combines very thoroughly even without scraping the bowl. I’ve also found that instructions in a recipe to mix thoroughly for X number of minutes, or to be careful to fully combine the ingredients, can be pretty well ignored. This mixer does it well all the time and you don’t need to take the extra care that you might very well need to do with another mixer, especially a hand

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