Artist Narrative Analysis

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Artist Narrative From an early age, I never sincerely thought about how important art could impact my everyday life because I was taught that a kid can never be mature enough to make their own decisions, let alone make ultimate decisions about their life by themselves. No one in my family consists of any artistic talent or possess a creative nature, but I believe I am different compared to my family members. I’m an immigrant child from Vietnam, a country in South East of Asia. My whole family moved to America when I was about 13 years old, with hopes for a better and brighter future as we lived in America. My family, especially my mom, expects me to be a prodigy but I believe that I do not have the ability to fulfill my mom’s expectations.…show more content…
Everyone was beginners because it was just a level-one class :no one had any experience with Illustrator before. Eventually we started Cabin in The Wood, a project including a cabin, smoke flying out of the chimney, and surrounded by a ton of trees. Since this was the first project, Mr. Conner didn’t expect us to have too many details in the drawing. It was a struggle looking for the right tools and that took me so much time. Sometimes, when I was bored from working, I would look around watching everyone doing theirs. One time, I saw Mr. Conner working on his own project, watching him was actually very interesting, both his hands were working at the same time, not even a single break for any observation. At that moment, a thought immediately appeared in my head: “I want to be just as good as him.” That thought kept playing in my head for days and I knew that this was what I was going to do for my senior project. Even though, I didn’t have much experience using Illustrator yet, but I got the passion from Mr. Conner so what I needed was just to try harder. Luckily, I am slightly creative so small projects could not make any difficulty for me. Of course, we were given more projects towards the end of the year. I didn’t worry that much because I liked it a lot and have fallen in love with this class more and more. My teacher inspired me a lot and made me believe
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