Personal Narrative: Artistic Gelatin

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"Artistic Gelatin"
Many people love to cook others don't, many people see cooking as art and some dislike everything with cooking and baking. I rather cook than make desserts, in my opinion making deserts are a hazel. My aunt Hilda Perez currently lives in Mexico, about a year ago I visited her and found out she has her own small business. I learned my aunt makes 3D artistic gelatins and other type of desserts. The 3D gelatins are made by injecting milk-based gelatin mixture into clear gelatin. In the United States, we don't hear of 3D gelatins for me it was something new, I was amazed when I saw her artistic work. In the state where my family and I are from gelatin is our main dessert since our town is poor and many families can't afford other desserts.
When you walk into my aunt's kitchen you will see her dessert tools, she has a lot of different type of needles, pans, brushes and food colors. To make a 3D gelatin for example a rose my aunt takes about two hours, she's
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We both made a 3D rose it was extremely hard because I had to be careful not to mess up. Afterward, I was annoyed and frustrated at how long it took me to make a rose gelatin. Later that day my aunt told me "Rosa the secret to make a perfect gelatin is to be patient and be creative". The next day I decided I wanted to make a 3D Blackhawks gelatin, my aunt taught me. It took us the whole day to make it, it was a big accomplishment. The Blackhawks gelatin was hard because we had to the draw the logo and color it. I didn't know how hard it was to find the right paint brush and the correct color after testing every color. The hardest part was drawing the feathers, it took me almost half an hour. After completing the gelatin, I was proud of myself, even though I did mess up. Not only did I make a Blackhawks gelatin, I also made a monkey gelatin with the help of my
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