Art's Impact On Society

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The mind is unquestionably man’s greatest asset. Not only is the mind responsible for cognitive thinking, memory, and perception, but it is the chief instrument in sparking one’s creativity. Art, throughout all of history, is without a doubt, the collective of human creativity, thinking, and feeling. Art makes the intangible physical. Because of its great value, art has a profound effect on everyday life. Although art goes mostly unnoticed in day to day life, it holds great significance in today’s world due to its innumerable impacts on society and culture. Art within the past 100 years has changed drastically in style from its previous forms. A shift in the motives and themes seen in art is evident in the many new art movements that arose…show more content…
Decades of research have proven the beneficial effects of art on the human brain. Art has significant impacts on emotions, the nervous system, and serotonin levels. Furthermore, the viewing of art has also proven to refine motor skills, creativity and emotional balance (Phillips). Art has proved to sustain mental and physical capacities, thus improving one’s overall capacity to learn. Conversely the education of fine arts has become an integral part of many schools’ curriculums.The integration of art education into schools further proves art’s benefits on the brain and how it aids development. Further studies have researched certain reactions to art and their effect, “The experience of viewing awe-inspiring art has a positive effect on the physical body and mental state” (Phillips 3). This reaction of awe is one of the positive effects of art as awe has been proven by psychologists to link directly to feelings of hope and self fulfillment. Aside from promoting positive impacts on the individual, art reduces negative effects on the body, examples being stress and loneliness. Studies have shown that artists are less likely to suffer from either loneliness or depression. For artists, productivity and creative expression have been a force in driving out any negative force that may impact their lives (Phillips). Ultimately, the lives of everyone can be…show more content…
Art is able to achieve what written words cannot. It is often said that a picture is worth 1000 words, thus art has the ability to convey emotions, change opinions, and instill values. Art is a means of communication, however it has made possible communication that would otherwise be impossible; the communication between the modern man, the renaissance man, and the caveman. Art preserves the feelings of certain times, bringing to viewers an array of feeling, allowing them to comprehend the meaning of any piece as they wish. This same communication could occur between two or more people in the same era. Art can be used as an instrument for change as people see fit. Spreading messages in art is viable to any person today as messages from the past are still interpreted today. As any art movement in the past has aimed at spreading messages, the same is possible today, “[art] can rouse emotions in those who encounter it, inspiring them to rally for change” (How Does Art Affect Culture and Society). Art simply can act as a vehicle, other than written words to convey important messages. Another way in which art has cemented itself as being important in today’s society is its ability to employ many. An array of occupations can be taken in the art world, those ranging from the creation, management, and distribution (How Does Art Affect

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