Arts In Schools Benefits

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The benefits of arts in schools develops and impacts a student dramatically from as a child to an adult. It develops imagination, critical thinking, creative skills, and develops goal-setting skills needed in the classroom and in the future. The arts teaches a student about the real life, perception, having a vision, solving problems and making decisions. It helps builds up self-esteem, develops the student to imagine what might be, and accepting responsibility to complete tasks. Not only in the real world do the arts help but also in schools, it motivates the student to learn, help with memory, facilitates understanding, enhances communication and promotes relationships, improves problem solving and critical thinking skills, which adds to overall academic achievement and school success. It also plays a role in family, the student will learn to appreciate and be aware of different cultures and traditions. It is believed that the arts are relationship…show more content…
In ensembles and groups, music and art give a student a sense of comradery and greater purpose. When you are part of an art or music ensemble, you are no longer only responsible for yourself and your musical piece, but you are also responsible for the product that is produced by the whole. With the presence of arts in schools, a student is guaranteed to develop positive social skills such as self-confidence, collaboration, and self-esteem. These benefits also apply to students who struggle academically, giving them the ability to use these skills outside the classroom. The instruction of the arts give students positive social behaviors, social compliance, the ability to express emotion, courtesy, tolerance, conflict resolution skills, collaboration, and moral development. The arts are the pivotal evidence needed that music and art classes resolve social issues and help the student to realize the potential within them self to express themselves socially to others within
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