Aryzta Case Study

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Nature of Aryzta’s business
The Aryzta group is an international food business with a global leadership position in speciality bakery. The group is the largest supplier of baked goods to the foodservice, Quick Service Restaurants and retail sectors. Aryzta are based in Zurich, Switzerland and hold a global trading position in markets across Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Their product range includes baked sweet and savoury goods including an array of other goods such as pies, tarts and pizzas.

Aryzta originates from IAWS - The Irish Agricultural Wholesale Society. IAWS consisted of businesses mainly revolving the distribution of agricultural feed and fertiliser. IAWS then came available on Irish Stock Exchange in 1998. It was from that point on that key mergers and
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Killian (2011) stated that Aryzta had doubled bakery output as a result of the acquisitions announced resulting in a 55% increase in food revenue. These acquisitions included Fresh start Bakeries, Maidstone Bakeries and Honey Speciality Foods.

Key elements of Aryzta’s Business Strategy
Aryzta’s business strategy evolves around an acquisition strategy. This primarily focuses on the acquisition of businesses and business assets that benefit their entire global business. “Aryzta acquires companies operating in markets it is familiar with or closely allied to sectors which Aryzta understands” (Aryzta, 2015). The Aryzta group set out a three year plan in 2011, the “Aryzta Transformation Initiative”. “A three year plan focused on supply chain optimisation and ERP implementation with the goal of becoming an International bakery company” (Aryzta, 2014, p.13). “As a result, there is now a single go-to-market sales strategy with an aligned product listing and full visibility of bakery production capacities and customer delivery channels” (Aryzta, 2014,

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