As Good As It Gets: Movie Review

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1.Which movie did you watch and give a brief synopsis of the story: The movie I watched was “As Good as it Gets”, which is about a middle aged, wealthy writer named Melvin Udall, who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He is obnoxious, rude, obsessive, compulsive, racist and homophobic. Udall lives by a strict schedule, dines at the same restaurant at the same time of day, eating at the same table, and having the same waitress, named Carol. Udall’s neighbor is named Simon, who with his dog create havoc for Udall by disrupting his ability to concentrate, write, and keep control over his OCD. Throughout the movie barriers are broken down through dialogue, self-reflection and emotional awakenings. Udall becomes more approachable, engages in relationships with his neighbor and waitress, along with the neighbor’s African American friend. In the end, Udall comes to terms with his OCD, becomes romantically involved with Carol, and values his new relationship with Simon. 2.Who is (are) the main…show more content…
In the movie, Udall is observed locking the door locks at his apartment 5 times each, wearing gloves and subsequently going to the bathroom and washing his hands, excessessively. Prior to washing, he opens the vanity, exposing finely stacked bars of soap. Throughout the movie, Udall avoids touching people, stepping cracks, and uses his own packaged cutlery. As the movie progresses and Udall experiences issues within his circle of friends, mostly due to his inability to communicate effectively. Udall is often seen sulking, lashing out at people and withdrawn. 5.Is the film depiction of the disorder(s) congruent (for the most part) with your textbook description of the disorder(s)? Explain. Film / Udall: In the movie Udall displays OCD tendencies such as: • Locking the door locks at his apartment 5 times each and wearing

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