As I Lay Dying Passage Analysis Essay

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I picked this passage over the other passage in the story because, since Addie had one part in, As I Lay Dying, the words had more meaning behind it than everyone else’s passage in the story. Also, I had made this writing choice over another because I felt Addie expressed her true feelings about Anse, why she married him in the first place, and how becoming a mother was such a terrible thing to occurred. Although some mothers are filled with happiness in joy of becoming one, but sadly, not some mothers are not. This is unfortunate for child/children and it affects them badly because a mother’s love is what child/children desires. By Addie not being pleased becoming a mother, her ‘love’ reflect its on her relationships with her children, expect when it came to Jewels. Addie was the happiest of becoming a mother when he was born after…show more content…
Which explained why she had an affair and why Anse remarried so quickly toward the end. None of them loved each other. That is how I interpreted her passage while reading the book and why I rewrote her passage as if she did not enjoy her life because she did not. My mock style approach Faulkner’s style because in the first paragraph I wrote in that style because Addie explained the real reason why she married Anse and that being a mother was the worst for her. Faulkner wrote that Addie took him, however, I wrote that she only married him because of the house and farm while she did not have much and Anse wanted to marry her so she took the chance. It made it seemed that Addie had no one else that would provided for her and Anse was her only option for her, and she was not going to give it up. I took Faulkner’s style and changed his style into a way that could be interpreted easier and had more twisted to it as if Addie was in the twenty-first
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