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Historical Film Analysis: As One

There are conflicts between countries all over the world, and it seems fine with other countries because they do not want to interfere. However, Korea has a different history than any other country. Every country went through war with another and had a different reason why, but Korea is a different case. Although, the US and Russia tried to interfere when Japan colonized Korea in 1910, resulting a much worse situation. As a result, Korea became two nations rather than one. The movie ” As One” is about how both nations differ and how they have similarities in South and North Korea. This movie is a good example of representing the Korean’s relationship with each other since most of the events in the movie are true.

Before the World Wars in 1910, Japan colonized Korea. After WWII, when Russia and the US won the war against Japan, they moved to Korea to take the Japanese out. America took the South and Russia took over the North then chose the 38th Parallel as a line of division temporarily but it lasted until today (“Why North Korea & South Korea are Separated”). Its purpose is to restrict Russia from taking over the entire peninsula. The superpowers had no right to divide the country without the opinion of the locals in
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Li Bun Hwi is not living her age and is quiet most of the time. She does not seem to enjoy the good things, and usually responds using a couple of words. In the room when they arrived to the Hotel, she drinks medicine which is foreshadowing having medical issues later on in the movie. Li Bun Hwi represented the people in South Korea with her sickness. She is always tired and sad. Hyun Jung Hwa represented the people in North Korea, because s. Despite their differences, the friendship between them was strong and the ring plays this role of friendship. The ring represents their loyalty, remembrance and love for each

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