As The Staff Of Plagues Analysis

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Is the story unique and interesting? Although telling the story of reincarnated gods and goddesses is somewhat unique, the focus on typical teenage angst lowers the overall quality. No / Yes Yes
Does the story deliver on its premise? The reader discovers details about the lives of Bastet and her Priestesses through the relationships of the characters. This book spent a great deal of time on those relationships as opposed to the events plaguing them which may cause confusion as to the actual premise. No / Yes Yes
As a reader, did you enjoy the story? The story is enjoyable, despite the need for some improvement. No / Yes Yes
Are there any confusing sections that need to be made clearer? As the Staff of Plagues is used, events begin to take place which should be a pinnacle of action. Instead, they are
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The desire to remain unclaimed by a god is admirable despite the dangerous beings trying to force their will upon her, including her sister.

Who is your least favorite character and why? In addition to being a cruel character, Victoria, is cold, calculating, and overall difficult to understand. There are very few moments where the reader is given a chance to relate to Victoria, and her motivations are consistently unclear as she appears to be a narcissist incapable of thinking about anything other than herself and her effect on men. Despite the claim that she demonstrates her love in an overprotective manner, this is lost when she obsessively seeks relations with men just because she can.

What three things did you like the best? The idea of young people discovering an old life as a supernatural force is exciting. It allows for exploration of multiple storylines throughout the ages, which can allow for more surprising
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