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As True Grit, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, opens up we as the viewers are introduced to an established female character. Her name is Mattie Ross, and she is on a journey to find the man who cut her father 's life short. This was a very solid movie from top to bottom. The acting was very real and convincing, the plot was impeccable and interesting and it was not predictable unlike any other westerns I have seen in the past. In the beginning of the film, Mattie Ross is on her way to collect her dead father 's body to send him back home to be properly buried. Mattie also is in dire need to find the man who killed her father, Tom Cheney(Josh Brolin). She soon learns that Cheney has run into Native American lands and the U.S government…show more content…
In addition to being very interesting, the directors and movie producers did an outstanding job with accurately depicting old western culture and the Old western towns. One very interesting aspect I saw in this film was that when the three men in the beginning of the movie were given a chance to explain themselves to the gallows before they were hung, the man who was native american was not given a chance to speak, he was just bagged up before he had a chance to say anything and hung. This was very subtle, but I watched this film and paid close attention to minute details. But the significance behind this moment was that Native Americans were still viewed as second class citizens and were not given the equal rights they deserved as citizens. I also found it fascinating that there was an established female character. To date, I have only seen a few movies with established female characters , and the Coen brothers did an extraordinary job with the portrayal of the movie from Mattie Ross’ point of view. However I was perplexed by the fact that an high profile actor, such as Matt Damon took a secondary role in this movie.He did a very good job in the portrayal of his role. It was stunning to me that public executions were still popular to be viewed as late as the

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