Asad Ebays Advantages And Disadvantages

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Asad Jamal (Asad) is the founder of ePlanet Ventures, a technology fund based in Silicon Valley, and is considering whether to expand operations to his home country of Pakistan. This paper will identify the strategic choices available to Jamal, as well as discuss the advantages and disadvantages to investing in businesses operating in Pakistan. The extent to which cultural dynamics affect his decision will also be explored, coupled with a comparison of the political and cultural environment of my home country. The central strategic choice available to Asad is whether or not to expand his US based venture fund to Pakistan. Sabir et al. (2010) write that Asad was “considering whether he wanted to be one of the first entrants in a nascent, largely untapped market” (p. 1). Some other strategic choices would be for him to keep his operations in the US and invest locally, or to expand into another emerging market/country such as India or China, or expand into another developed country. There are various advantages available to Asad if he chooses to expand in into Pakistan. One reason is that Pakistan has a well educated, and skilled workforce available at a much cheaper cost (compared to the US). Futhermore, Pakistan’s has a talented workforce that is generally 30-40% cheaper than other emerging countries (and its neighbors) India and China (Sabir et al., 2010, p. 5). This means that businesses can have a quality workforce at a much lower price. Another advantage of investing in

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