Asb Application Case Study

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1. Explain why you have chosen your major and/or career:
Creativity has always been my strongest asset, I try to look at every situation I come across as an opportunity to do something intuitive and distinctive. I discovered my passion for both film and graphic design through classes I took through school. I have expanded those interests over time and have found ways to incorporate them into my position of ASB Publicity Officer at my school. My position requires me to keep all the social media accounts, lunchtime, and intercom announcements as high quality and effective as possible. The similarity between my position and many jobs in the marketing industry became very clear to me and the more research into the field I did, the more it interested
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The first was learning the impact of having ADD. ADD makes everything harder, harder to focus, to prioritize, to get things done. I get distracted and have to re-read passages several times before I can fully comprehend it. It makes trying to get homework done extremely difficult and time consuming. Understanding this, has helped me communicate to my teachers and others what I need from them, and how I need it, in order to be successful. For example, having assignments with mile stones spelled out and due dates, makes it much easier for me to hit deadlines. Instead of looking at my disadvantages weaknesses, I look at them as…show more content…
I love to watch the movies made by a certain Director in order to examine their style and the little nuances that string between their work. I read about art techniques and advice that graphic designers and artists have so I incorporate them in my own process. I also just really love learning about all types of topics, even if i struggle to understand all of it, I love to know more about the world around me.

10. How do you see yourself contributing to the college or university of your choice? I really want to become involved with any type of student leadership that is available. Over the past year I have been excited to come to school every day because I have to opportunity to be around and talk to so many great people. I definitely want to leave my mark on the community of students and make a positive impact on the school and students. I have developed skills in leadership and responsibility that I want to utilize to make the school a better place for others.

11. Describe any special information about yourself or your family circumstances you feel would be important to include in a letter of
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