Asb Structural Structure

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Main building structure
The Wellington ASB centre has distinctive and outstanding structural system. The structural system not only contributes to the aesthetics, but also the safety for the built environment. The safety has been attributed to the large trusses visible on the interior roof. The large trusses provide for the core resistance of the gravitational loads. These gravitational loads are the components for support such as the aluminum roof or other loads that help to support the roof. On the other hand, live loads like the maintenance workers who are moving. The trusses support the load of the roof and provide the overall stability to the ASB, helping from the likes of imposed loads or environmental loads such as the impact, strong
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With these long lasting materials, it helps to withstanding pressure and force that structural forms endure. These trusses are solid steel, which were specifically to withstand lateral loads, live, and dead loads like the Aluminum Kalzip roof. The members keep vertical forces in equilibrium by the forces, which are either compression or tension, and are mainly with the top/bottom chords. These structural elements of the trusses resist in triangular units in the truss. Another element is the elliptical columns contributing to the safety giving max compression strength. These columns are based on equilibrium confining pressures, which make them very strong and stable. As a dead load, this is purely just the weight of the steel and concrete member to hold up second floor and walkway through the middle of the ASB centre (its main support for the middle). The integration of the ASB structural system compliments architectural design through the functions and how it is fit for purpose, but not only that, the aesthetics of the whole place. With the spread of structural systems and the trusses and columns, contribute to its spatial atmosphere to help create an open feel/look. Mixing these elements is what helps create a beautiful yet safe environment. This involves the pin joints, trusses columns, beams, louvers, cross bracing, and overall its number of…show more content…
This specific material has a long lasting lifespan that respond to changes in weather patterns. This chosen material also offers quality thermal and acoustic insulation. Not only is this efficient because of consideration to help against lateral loads but it looks amazing with the triple glazed skylights in behind (non-structural material letting in the natural lighting). With all these materials used essentially it created, a safe environment and all materials are unique with their own properties that make them suitable in this environment out in Kilbirinie, Wellington. These materials look amazing and meet the functional requirements. Everything is positioned well to give a sense of balance, comfort, and professionalism to the space. It looks great with the chosen materials inside and outside, these materials supply to the needs of the people and the building. It is structurally sound with all the materials adding to the overall experience of the environments. Even the natural lighting coming in to reflect on the simple colors of structural materials to enhance the area. In addition, non-structural materials i.e. finished floor and roll up screens contributed as finishing

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