Asca Ethical Standards

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The two professional and ethical standards that I’ll be talking about will be the ACA code of ethics and the ASCA ethical standards for school counselors. Both in my opinion had some lessons that were similar to each other. The mission of the ACA is to promote human life and enhance the quality of life as well as establishing professional counselors (2014). In the ACA preamble, it says it is an educational and professional organization with members involved in all types of work settings. In the ASCA ethical standards for school counselors preamble, it says it is also a professional organization but their members are licensed or certified school counselors only. I have learned many lessons from the ACA code of ethics The first was the counseling relationship, confidentiality and privacy, professional responsibility, and assessment. The counseling relationship is one of the most important lessons because it starts with the client welfare by the counselor having the responsibility of respecting their clients. Next, the core cornerstone of the counseling relationship is built on trust. Within the counseling relationship, plans are being made and information is being gathered. Behavior that is not prohibited is a sexual or romantic relationship with clients. The counselor can avoid this by…show more content…
Another relating ethics of counseling service is letting the parents know the nature of counseling services that are being afford to their children. Because the parents have a right to understand what services are helping. Maintenance of standards is definitely related to ethical and legal delivery of counseling services. If things should get out of control it be in the best interest to resolve the issue by going to speak to a

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