Three Primary Reasons Why St. Louis-Based Transformers Health Organization So Successful?

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The three primary reasons why St Louis-based Ascension health organization was successful? First, is an effective use of initiatives such as Performance Improvement, secondly the use of Advance Information Technology Infrastructure and the third reason is an Effective Collaboration among all parties involved. Effective use of Performance improvement

The organization can provide quality healthcare service with a low cost of implementing effective performance improvement initiative. One of the initiatives is the constant that an increase in the use of health information technology devices such as CPOE every year. There is a 40 % of Ascension health hospital that is live on CPOE. The use of CPOE also increases accuracy and completeness. The clinician and the physician are able to enter orders at multiple places in the hospital. This enhances the clinician performance (Doolan & Bates, 2002) with the implementation of CPOE.
Another strategy is
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With this collaboration, there is 1,200 condition-based, procedure-based, convenience – based derived from Zynx. Forth percent is workflow enhancer based sets. This order set cover 199 total conditions that reach into specialties and subspecialties. What I could have done differently is investing more in CPOE and EHR implementation across the entire healthcare organization from 40 % to 90%. This would not only enhance clinician performance, but it will enable the organization to provide affordable quality service to the poor and vulnerable individual. The secondly focus more on providing the data set for practitioner need. This would increase the visibility of intervention, improve patient care and enhanced data collection for the purpose of evaluating healthcare service outcome. ("Standardized Nursing Language: What Does It Mean for Nursing Practice?"
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