Ascribed Status Essay

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Ascribed status defines one’s place in the society but it does not rule who a person is, and what they might become. However, depending on their ascribed status, people face different challenges in the workplace, at home, and in public. Below I discuss three examples of ascribed status and how each are effected by their status. A. A young African-American single mother from a poor neighborhood This person has a low ascribed status, being a member of a minority group which has faced historical discrimination, and continues to be affected by economic, educational and social injustice. Apart from being African-American, being a female is also a part of her ascribed status, as women have also been treated unequally as members of an inferior group.…show more content…
According to Vu and Rook (2013), ‘traditional Vietnamese cultures emphasize filial piety and are based on a patriarchal structure’ (p.227). ‘The father is expected to be the main bread-winner, while the teenage daughter should be chaste, obedient, and her main activity should be assisting others in the family’ (Vu and Rook p.227). While sons are directed towards higher education, girls are expected to occupy their time with domestic activities. Girls raised in traditional Vietnamese families are likely to become homemakers and not to enter the workplace at all, particularly if they marry into a traditional Vietnamese role, and each continues to play his or her assigned role. Consequently, the girl’s achieved status will be low, because she will continue to depend on others for her well-being, unless she decides to reject family values and pursue a career instead. Conclusion Ascribed status predicts different types of challenges that a person is likely to face later in life, and socialization plays an important role in this respect as well. Despite these challenges, people may reach higher achieved statuses because generally human beings have great resourcefulness and they can be very determined. However, the difficulties in reaching a high achieved status are very different, and some people may never manage to overcome the difficulties associated with a low ascribed status and with social
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