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Asda’s case study answers 1. Explain the difference between a job description and a personal specification. (2 marks)  Job description: describes functions , tasks and responsibilities of a certain position .  Job specification: describes characteristics and skills required for the role of the employee. 2. Describe two benefits to Asda of using online technology when recruiting new colleagues. (4 marks)  online recruitment can offer Efficiency that includes personality assessments and testing the most suitable employees for your company .  Online recruitment allows to reach a bigger number of audience that will be attracted by the job opportunities .  It cuts the cost and save a lot of money as well.  Online recruitment will take…show more content…
 Cons: Affirmative action goals may be more difficult to achieve, and fewer applicants. 4.Evaluate the extent to which a commitment to training and development is effective in helping Asda’s colleague retention.  Actually , when the company cares more for its employees such as putting effort to provide training and spend money in improving their skills , employees will stay in the company and show loyalty for them.  the turnover rates are decreasing over the years .  Asda created ‘Star programme’ to recognize excellent customer service, as well as Asda Academy’s framework for training and its ‘Colleague Steps’ for career progression which allows them to learn and be more effective in the future.  Asda also offer huge opportunists for their employees by supporting and investing in them to gain qualifications that will enable them to become the next generation of leaders at Asda.  For example Asda offers:  the industry’s first 3-year BA Honours degree in retail and distribution .  George retail foundation degree .  an accredited apprenticeship scheme…show more content…
6.What is the HR planning process ?  workforce planning .  Recruitment and selection .  Training .  Appraisal .  Motivation and employee recognition. 7. What are the recruitment sources ? and why ?  Asda’s online recruitment process.  Asda also uses social media channels such as LinkedIn  recruitment firms such as Remploy, to access the widest range of potential recruits when advertising job vacancies.  To provide a fair opportunity for every one without any kind for discrimination.  Improves speed and increase efficiency .  Much easier process .  Reduce costs. 8.What is the selection process and what are the methods for selecting ?  Applications are registered through Asda’s online recruitment system.  Asda’s HR team then shortlist appropriate candidates for interview or an assessment center.  Selecting the most suitable employee.  the final part of the recruitment process involves providing appropriate

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