Asda Strategic Analysis

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Strategic planning is the procedure and decisions made about an organisation’s long term goals and strategies. The company formulates a strategy on how to sustain their position in a very competitive environment. Human resource planning, by comparison, is the process of providing management with effective manpower, at the right time and place to achieve the organisation’s goals. The human resource planning is an ongoing process which looks to insure flexible re-sourcing connected to internal and external environmental pressures. Strategic human resource management is a combination of strategic planning and HR planning, it utilizes human resource and human resource activities in the achievement of strategic goals. (…show more content…
By planning forward HR insures that managers have the right amount of people they need, with the right skills and competencies to perform the job timely to achieve organization’s goals. Workforce planning at Asda is important for the company growth and the need to staff more professionally, closing the gap caused by colleague turnover. Workforce planning is essentially about determining the demand and supply of an organisation in reaching its goals and objectives and formulating a strategy to close the gap. This strategy will provide Asda the ability to exploit new markets earlier and respond better to recession as opposed to being on panic mode should a crisis or a new opportunity arise. ( The main reasons for strategic HR planning are: • Manpower: Enough human resource must be available to carry out present and future organizational activities. • Talent Management: Asda must acquire, retain, develop and motivate quality employees. • Development and Training: Training must be done so that managers are equipped with manpower that is relevant and skilled for the job. Employees must be developed to keep up with technological advancements. • Supply Forecasting: Supply of company products must never be less than the demand. Asda must always be ready for opportunities and gaps in the…show more content…
According to that Asda will develop a program to close the gap between the current and future HR requirements by recruiting, training and transferring human resource where necessary. Step 4: Monitor and evaluate HR plan Continuous monitoring and evaluation should be made on the implementation of the plan. It involves feedback on the human resource requirements allocated. Factors critical to the success of HR planning Strategic HR planning process is important for an organisation as it assists the organisation meet its current and future HRM requirements. For the success of HR planning there are critical factors that must be considered. • HR planning must be an integral aspect of the organisation’s bigger plan, and those involved in this process must share in the organisation’s vision, mission and objectives. • Managers of all departments must offer support in the success of the strategic plan and should therefore see it as part of their responsibilities. • It should be communicated on all levels to all the employees. • The HR plan must be clear and suit the organizational requirements. • Time should be made for the implementation of the plan and adequate resources be made
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