Asean Johnson Research Paper

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On May 25, 2013, the Board of Education, and mayor of Chicago decided to close down 54 schools in Chicago, Illinois. That didn’t stop Asean Johnson for standing up for what he believes in. Asean Johnson had stood up for his school and 53 others on May 25, 2013. The reason he did this was because his education was important to him. Asean Johnson was a positive and determined young boy who envisioned things he wanted and got it done. Asean was inspired, and accomplished his goal to keep 54 public schools open. Asean Johnson changed mindsets of others in many ways. For example, Asean had stood up for 54 different schools in Chicago, Illinois. Asean had stood up for the schools because the Board of Education and mayor was trying to shut them…show more content…
Asean was inspired by many people one of the people he was inspired by was his mother.The reason Johnson was inspired by his mother was because he got his outspoken speech from her. Another person that I think should be included that inspired Asean was his father. Asean Johnson was inspired by his father because his father always gave him advice on how to speak in front of others. Johnson was also inspired by his great-grand dad. He was inspired by his great-grand dad because his great grandfather told him to stand up for what he believed in. Many people inspired Asean Johnson, but these are a few people who had a great inspiration on him. Asean accomplished his goal by doing many things. One way that Asean accomplished his goal is he believed in himself. Asean believed that he could speak for what he believed in. Johnson also accomplished his goal by listening to what others said. His father had told him to stand up for what he believed in and he did. Another way Johnson had accomplished his goal was to follow through for what he wanted to do. So Asean listened to all the people that inspired him and believed in himself and that was how he accomplished his goal. Even though, Asean accomplished his goals in many ways he was a determined
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