Ash Ketchup: A Short Story

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Walking up was tough for everyone. It was amazing that few people could manage it without something or someone to wake them up. But people with Insomnia? They have it the roughest. It would not only cause mental problems but also physical problems as well. Such was the condition of one Ash Ketchup. This left Ash in quite the fix. He couldn’t sleep without any of his medicines and his health was constantly sick. Professor Oak, the Kanto region’s most acclaimed professor decided to give the boy a hand as he was close to the boy’s mother Delia.
It was then that a procedure was created for Ash to recover his health and clear his insomnia. It was, however, not without its side effects. On one hand it left Ash Quite emotionless as the surgery had
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A man with a white lab coat opened the door. Ash saw the man and took in his features. His hair was white, giving away that he was probably very old. His wrinkles was prominent on his face.

Ash seemed to be in a daze for an instant before snapping out of the daze and recognizing the man as Pallet’s resident Professor, Samuel Oak.

“Hello sir, my name is Ash Ketchup” He politely introduced himself.

“Good morning to you to son, now, my name is Samuel Oak and what it that you want to say young man?” the tone was soft and kind. It was the same one his mother had used and pretty much every person in Pallet town used when talking to him.

He dug into his pocket and produced an envelope and handed it to the professor. Mentally the Professors curiosity peaked as he saw the boy he had put in a situation where he can’t use his emotions. He felt pity for the body, but he heard that he was growing up well in Pallet. Ash, being here was one thing he did not expect any time soon. However, most of his curiosity was concentrated around the letter addressed to him by Delia.

“My mother told me to deliver the letter to you and wait till you read it” said ash, recalling what his mother said to
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