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District Common Assessment Essay The struggle of having divorced parents is hard as shown is the story “Ashes”. Ashleigh is the main character in “Ashes” by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Ashleigh’s parents are now divorced because of them constantly arguing and what not. One argument happened to be over that Ashleighs father liked to call her Ashes but her mom didn't like that and wanted her called by her real name, Ashleigh. Later on in the story Ashleigh and her father go out for dinner and Ashleighs dad bribes her to steal money from her mom out of the teapot and let her dad “borrow” it because he can't afford to pay these guys back to whom he owes money too. Ashleigh does not end up stealing the money and giving it …show more content…

Her parents are divorced. It all goes back when they were arguing over ashleighs name. Her father called her Ashes and her mom didn't approve of it, she wanted her to be called by her real name. Ashleigh thinks her dad is irresponsible because in the story it said “Most promises never quite happened” Ashleighs dad could never stick to a promise and follow through with it, Something always ended up getting in the way. Ashleigh also describes how she wouldn't seem him for days and that he is not always there when you need him, and that's what parents are for, to help guide you and to be there for you when you need them most. Ashleigh also believes her dad is irresponsible because in the story is says “ A couple of days later, when dad forgot to pick me up from school or didn't have the money for the class trip…” It's the little things as to why Ashlight doesn't have full trust for her dad, he should not have forgotten to pick his own child up from school, that just shows how irresponsible he is. Or when he didn't have money for the class trip, this is where the sticking to a promise comes into play if you tell someone or most importantly your own daughter you will have the class trip money for her and then you don't own up to that, what makes Ashleigh think he will have her $200 to her by Friday? He will just keep blowing it off like he is doing to the guys right now that he owes money too. Lastly Ashleigh thinks her dad is …show more content…

Ashleigh looks up to her mom and she isn't so sure about what her father has asked her to do for him, though she loves him. “I wouldn't have any other dad.” Ashleigh mom would be very disappointed. Ashleighs parent are already divorced for a reason and neither Ashleigh or her father really have any right to even be touching it. “I lifted the lid and stared at her emergency money.” As she lifted the lid she knew it was wrong as to what her father had asked in favor for her to do. At dinner her father said “ Your mother would never know the difference.” While at dinner that night Ashleighs dad was trying to convince Ashleigh to take the money he was like owning up to her and being all sweet, you could tell he wanted something. And lastly “With mom there are a lot of rainy days and she takes a grim sort of pleasure in being ready for them.” Ashleighs mom is mad quite a bit, but Ashleigh still looks up to her, but if she were to take the money and her mom would find out, her mom would be furious, so it's just best to not take the money and just make her dad come up with it himself, to tell him

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