Ashes By Susan Pfeffer Analysis

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Acording to the website, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, which is the seperation of two parents, and Ashleigh and her parents from the article Ashes by Susan Pfeffer, is apart of that 50%. One of the only differences that Ashleigh’s mom and dad have, though, is that Ashleigh’s dad has a debt of $200.00, which he doesn’t have, and resorts to using Ashleigh’s mom’s emergency money, which is located in a teapot at her apartment. Ashleigh is asked from her dad to take the money from the teapot and give it to her dad, or to stay in the apartment if her mom is home and after 10 minutes Ashleigh 's dad will leave the apartment. Though Ashleigh loves her dad, she will probably not steal the…show more content…
“Dad forgot to pick me up from school, or didn’t have enough money for the class trip…”(Pfeffer,1). This sentence describes what happened after a fight between Ashleigh’s mom and Ashleigh’s dad. Ashleigh’s dad got ahead of himself and forgot the things he had to do for his kid and left responsibility behind. “No, I just thought maybe you could borrow the money for a day or two, until I straighten my finances. Your mother will never know the difference.”(Pfeffer,4). In this sentence, Ashleigh’s dad is asking Ashleigh to take the money from Ashleigh’s mom’s teapot and to give the money to him. It 's not responsible to put a kid in the middle of a financial problem and in between two parents. “I’d be borrowing the money from you.”(Pfeffer,4). In this sentence, Ashleigh’s dad is trying to make stealing money sound like a not so bad thing by saying he would be borrowing the money from Ashleigh and not stealing it from Ashleigh’s mom. Encouraging a kid to steal is not very responsible. Ashleigh will most likely not steal from her mom seeing that her mom is more responsible, even though Ashleigh loves her dad and respects him more. Divorce is hard and more than 50% of people have to go through it according to the website, including Ashleigh and her parents. Ashleigh’s parents have many differences but one of them is that Ashleigh’s dad owes a debt of 200.00 and wants to “borrow” that money from Ashleigh, who asked to take that money from her mom. Ashleigh will not steal from her
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