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In the story Ashes of Roses written by MJ Auch, point of view contributes to the overarching theme. The story begins with a young girl named Rose immigrating from Ireland, to the U.S., through Ellis Island. During one of the inspections, Rose’s little brother Joseph is denied entry due to the disease Trachoma. Rose, her two younger sisters, and her mother enter N.Y. by themselves. During the entry to N.Y. through Ellis Island, immigrants were required to have relatives in the city to pick them up. Rose’s family is worried about if Uncle Patrick has gotten there letter or not. So they sneak onto the boat using a random man as their decoy uncle. Once they arrive at Uncle Patricks, there is immediate conflict between the two families, because…show more content…
After getting home, Gussie offers Rose a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Rose accepts the offer and begins to practice on pieces of fabric that Gussie’s boyfriend smuggles when leaving the factory. On the way to the job on her first day, Gussie tells Rose that “at eight o 'clock sharp they lock the doors to the factory.” On Rose’s first day, she stabs her finger with the sewing machine. Gussie helps Rose pull out the thread, as Rose gets back to work. After a couple more days of practice, Rose starts to get the hang of the sewing machine. One day when Gussie is at the Union, Rose makes friends with two kids named Klein and Bellini. These two characters start to influence how Rose spends her money on things such as movies. Gussie tells Rose that Bellini and Klein are not good characters. Rose doesn’t heed Gussie’s warning. The next day, Rose sees Maureen working in the Shirtwaist Factory. Later that night, Maureen tells Rose that she had not gone to work the whole week, and that she had been trying to find work. Rose and Maureen get into a fist fight, and eventually get tired of fighting. Rose then agrees to let Maureen work until the rest of their family comes back. On Maureen’s first day, a fire breaks

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