Ashes Pfeffer Summary

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Ashleigh had to make a decision in a serious situation, but what she chose could have consequences. Ashleigh, also known as “Ashes” is living with her divorced parents and switching off seeing them often. She is in a big city and lives in a apartment in a run down neighborhood. Ashleigh took the emergency money from her mom because she 's a lot like her dad, favors her dad more, and she trusts him with his choices. Ashes thinks a lot like her dad and is similar to the way he acts. One quote from the story “Ashes” that proves Ashes is a lot like her dad is “Imagining what I could do with two hundred dollars. I looked at dad and realized he had the same fantasies” (Pfeffer pg 3). This is showing that Ashes is thinking like her dad about the money and things she could do with it. Another quote is “What do you want to do Dad?” Come into the apartment with me and steal the money?”(Pfeffer pg 4). Ashes is predicting what her dad wants to do. One more quote from the story is “I must have sounded like mom because he stopped talking.”(Pfeffer pg 3). This is showing that Ashes usually talks like her dad and since she said something that sounded like something her mom would say, her dad got surprised. Ashes thinks and acts like her dad.…show more content…
In the story, it says “Dad gets by on a willingness to help.”(pfeffer pg 1). Ashes is explaining how her dad is a good guy because he 's always helping her out when she needs it and others. Another quote is “He 's unexpectedly there, like a warm day in January. He 's a rescuer.”(peffer pg 1). This shows Ashes, saying he 's always there when you need him no matter where you are he always seem to be there to help. One more quote is “Mom might not ever be caught without batteries or tissues, but she just called me Ashleigh, a name she didn 't even like- and never promised me anything.”(Pfeffer pg 2). This is showing that Ashes feels like her mom isn 't there for her like dad is. Ashes favors her dad more than
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