Ashes Short Story

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In the story “Ashes”, the main character Ashleigh is told to steal her mom’s money by her dad. Ashleigh's parents are divorced, causing her dad to have financial issues. Ashleigh’s dad asked her to steal her mom’s rainy day money to help her dad have a“fresh start”. Ashleigh didn’t take the money though, she kept thinking her mom would find out, she knew the consequences of stealing, and there were other ways to help her dad out. Ashleigh kept thinking her mom would find out, she kept trying to change the topic with her dad and didn’t want her mom to ever figure out, “Mom’ll be home soon…” (Page 4, paragraph 7). Ashleigh knew her mom would be home soon, since she did live with her. She knew that if she was home when she would try taking the money her mom would figure it out. Another point is she kept asking questions, from how she would take the money to asking if her mom was home. On page 4, paragraph 14 Ashleigh asks, “What do I do if Mom’s already there?” This shows that Ashleigh was very nervous of her mom finding out, she didn’t want to get herself or her dad in trouble. Lastly, on page 4 paragraph 1,…show more content…
The author states that, “That’s just my nickname for her… ashes are cold, grey, dead things… It’s just a nickname… You call her that just to annoy me!” (Page 1, paragraph 7-12). Ashleigh knew that if her mom would find out she’d yell at Ashleigh and her dad. Since her parents are divorced, it is typical to have a stronger bond with one parent than the other. In Ashleigh’s case that would be her dad. Her mom would find out that she did it for her dad and not herself. Next, Ashleigh’s mom thought little of her dad, she would accuse him of being, “ irresponsible bum…” (Page 1, paragraph 3). In page 4, paragraph 3 the text states, “You’ll be able to pay her back by Friday?” this shows that Ashleigh knew her dad wasn’t able to keep promises, so how was she able to trust him that’d he’d pay her
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