Ashes Susan Beth Pfeffer Character Analysis

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District Common Assessment Essay
When people are born they tend to cling to their Mothers because, that’s the only person they feel that they can trust. However once the babies grow up they don’t cling to their mothers as much, but other people as well. Ashleigh is the main character in Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer ,tends to believes that her Father is always in the right and she trust him, despite of everything he’s done to her Mother. She even tends to trust him more than her Mom who has always taken care of her. As a result, when Ashleigh is forced to choose to take money from her Mother, that could possibly help her Father, she clearly chooses to take the money for him because her Dad makes her feel special , Ashleigh cares deeply about
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Ashleighs Dad is the one who named her. Ashleigh knows that her Mother doesn’t like the name that she was given, but she still uses it. Having her Father being the one who named her and then also giving her a special nickname, makes Ashleigh feel as if her Mother doesn’t care as much about her as her Father does. Also Ashleigh’s Father makes her feel like she can believe in things because he continues to promise Ashleigh things even if he never keeps those promises, she still believes that he might. Her Mother on the other hand has never promised her anything, which makes Ashleigh feel like she can’t depend on good things happening with her Mom.“I’d take off the teapot lid and stare into it, imagining what I could do with two hundred dollars. I looked at Dad and realized he’d had those same fantasies. Well why not. I was his daughter, after all.” (page 3) Here the reader can tell that Ashleigh feels like she's more like her Dad because she doesn’t want to save money for a rainy day ,like her Mother, all she wants is to spend it, like her Dad does. This will influence Ashleigh’s decision because she knows that if she ever got in this situation she would want someone to steal the money for
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