Ashleigh Bowman Research Paper

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My trainer, Ashleigh Bowman, inspires me as a rider and as a person every day. Ashleigh is truly a great person overall and inspires me to never give up. Ashleigh also inspires me because she helps me reach my goals by making me a better rider every time I ride. Ashleigh also tells us stories on the way to horse shows about showing when she was our age and the adventures with it, which also shows me that she has experienced all of this too. Overall, Ashleigh Bowman is a great person and inspires me in multiple ways. Ashleigh inspires me as a person because she makes me keep going even when I don 't want to anymore. Ashleigh shows me that even when you have one bad class, that doesn 't mean stop there and quit. It shows you to keep going and fix your mistakes for the next class. There have been a couple of times where I haven 't done well in a class and Ashleigh will tell me to shake it off, know your mistakes, and don 't do it again the next time around. Also, she shows me that there is room for improvement even when you think you are at your top game, which makes you keep going to get to your…show more content…
As well as inspiring me as a person, Ashleigh inspires me as a rider too. Ashleigh inspires me to keep reaching for your goals even if they are far away. Some shows if I did bad I will start to cry a little bit and she will ask what is wrong and I will say I didn 't do very well in that class. She will then tell me that we can’t win in every class that we compete in, and that sometimes we have good days and bad days. She will also tell me to forget about that class and to give it my all for the next class. After every class, even if I didn 't do that well, she will always say how good I did, but also what to improve and work on for the next show. Ashleigh has introduced me into this whole other world of showing that I didn 't even know existed, and now I love it! After every show, I have learned something new from Ashleigh that wants me to keep showing every
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